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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D



Jun 13, 2003 Issue

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                                      ~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

                           "Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid" 

        Volume #1 Issue #16   ISSN: 0219-7642   Jun 13,  2003

                   Andrew Loh, Publisher,

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E D I T O R I A L - W e l c o m e !

Hi Everyone,
I brought my children to watch the movie 'Finding Nemo' last weekend. 
The movie was about a father (clown fish) did all he can to save his 
lost son. It was an adventurous, funny and very touching show. If you 
have not watched it, then make sure you (especially the father) go 
along with your children. I began to understand the reason why the 
movie is shown around this time, because 'Father Day' is around the 
corner. To all the super Dads out there (including myself), 
Have a Great Father's Day!

Andrew Loh
Publisher/Editor of the BrainyZine
andrew @


~ The "Perfect" Parent ~

[Publish with permission from Dr. Lise Eliot, she felt that the 
section 'The Perfect Parent' was written tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken out of context of the book as a whole. For more details, you are advised to read her book "What's going on in there? How the brain and mind develop in the first five years of life"]

Putting it all together, there's obviously a lot parents can do
to improve their children's intellectual prospects. Perhaps too
much. The perfect parent, if she (or he) existed, would devote
herself full time to the care and teaching of her child. She
would begin, even before conception, by shoring up her folic acid
reserves and purging her body of any chemical remotely suspect.
Once pregnant, she would never touch a drop of alcohol, pump her
own gasoline, get less than eight hours sleep, or allow herself
to be stressed in any way. She would have an ideal, un-medicated,
and uncomplicated delivery, and breastfeed from the moment of
birth until the child was potty-trained.

She would know precisely how to stimulate her baby, but also how
to avoid over-stimulation. She would spend hours every day
playing with him-singing, cuddling, talking, massaging,
exercising, reading, showing him how all kinds of toys and other
fascinating objects work-and never have to leave him in his swing
for half an hour while trying to make supper or balance the
checkbook. Her house would be perfectly baby-proofed, so he could
explore every corner and rarely hear "No!" She'd take him on all
kinds of different outings, always giving him her full attention,
and never grow annoyed when he pulled all the vitamins off the
shelf at the pharmacy or whined for cookies at the grocery store.

She'd introduce him to other children, all with similarly perfect
parents, and gladly clean up after the messiest play dates. She'd
start him on piano / tennis/ dance/ French/ swimming/ art/
violin/ computer / Spanish/ tumbling lessons at age three
(practicing herself, to provide a good role model) but, if he
showed no interest, would happily forfeit the ten weeks' tuition.
She'd send him to the perfect preschool, using their time apart
to brush up on the latest child-rearing information and prepare
all sorts of new and interesting educational activities for him.
And of course, she wouldn't do it alone. She'd have the "perfect
spouse" right alongside, equally loving/stimulating/nurturing
/teaching their child every step of the way.

There may actually be one or two parents in the world like this.
And perhaps their kids will turn out to be the most brilliant,
talented people ever. Then again, you have to wonder what
children learn from parents whose only focus in life is their
offspring. The fact is that children pick up much more than mere
cognitive skill from their parents and other caregivers. They
also learn how to work, share, love, nurture, juggle, and enjoy
life. Once again, it is the model we set, rather than the
specific teaching we attempt, that is going to have the biggest
impact on a child's cognitive abilities and success in life.

Parenting is hard, hard work. Most of us try the best we can,
given the limits on our time, stamina, and resources. Of course,
we'd all like to do more for our children, to be a little more
perfect in the parenting department. I've yet to meet a mother or
father who doesn't feel guilty at times, wishing she or he had
more time, patience, or money to devote to each child. These are
the moments when it's reassuring to remember the other half of
the equation: heredity. Given that even the perfect parent
doesn't have "perfect genes," maybe we can relax just a little
bit and enjoy our kids for who they are.

Lise Eliot, Ph.D (1999). "What's going on in there? How the brain 
and mind develop in the first five years of life", Penguin Press:UK

_________________________________________________________ B R A I N Y  P R O D U C T

~ Brainy Baby ~ 

Brainy Baby is a breakthrough in infant development videos and unique 
in addressing left and right brain functions in distinct programs. 
Called "whole brain thinking," the theory is that if children are 
stimulated to use both sides of the brain -- preparing them to think 
logically and creatively--they will become more adept at learning and 
problem solving. A Dr.Toy's 10 Best Children's Videos award winner and noted as one of the top videos of the year.

Brainy Baby: Left Brain (for 6-36 months)
This unique video (one of a 2-part series) is for our littlest viewers
perfect for Baby's first video! These 2 tapes work together to help 
develop both Left and Right sides of the brain. Left Brain features 
classical music and gentle voices, and focuses on such cognitive skills 
as Logic, Patterns, Letters & Numbers, Sequencing, Analyzing details, 
and more!

Brainy Baby: Right Brain (for 6-36 months)
The second of a 2-part series for our littlest viewers, these 2 tapes 
work together to engage your child's whole brain (logic and creative) 
to help boost your baby's intellect. Right Brain features classical 
music and gentle voices, and focuses on such cognitive skills as Creative Thinking, Art & Drawing, Rhymes, Spatial Reasoning, and Imagination, Intuition, and more!
_________________________________________________________ L A T E S T  B R A I N Y  N E W S

Can you make a genius? 
How do you fancy a nobel prize-winning scientist as the father of your 
children? Would they inherit his genes and turn into geniuses too?

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