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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D



Dec 13, 2002 Issue

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                           "Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid" 

        Volume #1 Issue #3   ISSN: 0219-7642   December 13, 2002

                   Andrew L., Publisher,

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Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to the Third Issue of BrainyZine.

Does your child like music? Do you expose your child to all 
kinds of music.? My eldest son was exposed to music since he
was born. I played 'Beethoven for Babies' and classical music
channel on radio to him. Then, we played drum, xylophones, 
cymbals and other simple musical instruments together when he 
was toddler. He was very sensitive to music then and could 
sing in-tune and follow the rhythm of the songs very well. 
What amazed us was that he began to speak very early and could 
form long and complete sentences since he was very young. I 
wasn't sure if what we did indirectly made him smarter or not. 
Nevertheless, in this issue, you will find proves that music 
can make a child smarter. Most importantly, musical intelligence 
is one form of multiple intelligence described by Howard Gardner. 
Go ahead and expose your child to music, you can be assured 
that your child will be happier if not smarter.

Enjoy The Issue!

Andrew L.

Publisher/Editor of the BrainyZine


" Can Music Make Your Child Smarter? "

When you were a child, did your mother make you taking music
lessons that you always hated and was finding all ways to 
avoid it? Without knowingly, your mother's insistence that 
you practice your musical instrument an hour a day actually 
made you smarter! Recent studies had shown that your mother 
was probably right to make you stick to your piano or violin. 
Here are some proves:

* Music lessons have shown to improve a child's 
performance in school. After eight months of keyboard 
lessons, preschoolers tested showed a 46% boost in their 
spatial IQ, which is crucial for higher brain functions 
such as complex mathematics and science that draw heavily 
upon spatial-temporal reasoning. Which is the ability to 
visualize ratios, fractions and proportions. A good 
understanding of proportional math and fractions is a 
prerequisite to advanced math critical in high-tech fields.
- Frances Rauscher, Ph.D., Gordon Shaw, Ph.D, University 
of California, Irvine

* Mozart's Piano Sonata K448 was found to significantly 
increase spatial scores of college students on IQ tests 
when the Sonata was listened to for 10 minutes, dubbed 
the "Mozart Effect." Former choral conductor Don Campbell
writes 'The Mozart Effect', an instant bestseller that
proposes classical music can help infants reach and think
better. The book launched a stampede of Mozart-related
children's products.

* At the meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, held in 
Los Angeles, the researchers presented magnetic resonance 
imaging scans (MRI) of the brains of 32 right-handed 
musicians. These were contrasted with MRI-brain scans of 
24 other right-handed men who did not play instruments. 
The musicians overall showed a 5 percent increase in the 
size of the cerebellum -- an area of the brain involved in 
fine motor coordination.

* Students with coursework/experience in music performance 
scored an average of 52 points higher on the verbal portion 
of the SAT and 36 points higher on the math portion of the 
SAT than students with no coursework or experience in the 
arts. - Profiles of SAT and Achievement Test Takers. The 
College Board. Compiled by MENC. 1995

* Researchers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong gave a 
series of verbal memory tests to 30 female students who had 
had at least 6 years of music lessons before age 12, and 
30 who had had no music training. In one test, for example, 
the students listened to a list of 16 words, and were then 
asked to recall as many as possible. "We found that adults 
with music training learned significantly more words than 
those without any music training," the researchers, Agnes 
S. Chan and colleagues, write. "Music training in childhood 
may therefore have long-term positive effects on verbal 

* A Rockefeller Foundation study stated that music majors 
have the highest rate of 66.7 percent of admittance to 
medical school.

* The very best engineers and technical designers in the 
Silicon Valley are, nearly without exception, practicing 

Having these facts show that music can make your child smarter. 
Go ahead and expose your child to music. Children who study and 
love music will be happier and will do better in school and 
in life!

" Ten Commandments to Have Smart Child "
Leo Leonidas MD, FAAP

The Ten Commandments For Parents To Have a Smart Child
I    Thou shall provide a home filled with love and joy.
II   Thou shall respond promptly to the needs of your baby.
III  Thou shall talk and count to your baby as often as 
IV   Thou shall be enthusiastic, energetic, and happy when 
      talking, counting, playing, and stimulating your baby.
V    Thou shall read to your baby every day as often as 
VI   Thou shall read the cues and temperament of your baby. 
      Thou shall stop reading or stimulating her at the early 
      sign of tiredness or bored-ness.
VI   Thou shall not let her watch Television, VCR, or computer 
      until she is 6 years old.
VII  Thou shall not shout, fight, or be angry when baby is 
      around her seeing or hearing distance.
IX   Thou shall provide her with adequate books and toys for 
      stimulation of her brain.
X    Thou shall maintain a stable and intact family.

N E X T  I S S U E
Next issue, you'll find out how baby signing could improve 
the IQ of baby/toddler. What is baby signing, anyway? Stay 

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