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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

" Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid "

Volume #4   Issue #19

ISSN: 0219-7642    June 11, 2006

Andrew Loh, Publisher

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Do you still remember the number of photos you took when your first child was born? I guess you must have, like me, spent a lot of money on rolls and rolls of film. With the excitement of being a first time parents, we just can't stop shooting the little cutie. And with the invention of digital camera, we don't even have to worry about the cost now. We just press the shuttle and capture the beautiful moments. Yesterday, my wife just proudly showed me a 'masterpiece photo' (she claimed) of our baby....;-)

With tons of photos sitting inside the computer, I believe you probably have the same problem like me in organizing them. I have used a f'ree software by Google called Picasa to organize all my photos. Picasa is a photo searching, editing and sharing application that helps you organize all of your pictures.

What I like most about Picasa is that it automatically finds all of the photos stored on your computer and places them in albums organized by date immediately after you install the software. It is that powerful! Not to mention that Picasa also makes beautiful slide shows with only one click. Well, there are many other great features that you got to download to try out yourself. Anyway, it is f'ree. You can click here to download. I hope you have a great week. Take care!

Best Regards,
Andrew Loh
Andrew Loh
Publisher & Editor, BrainyZine
andrew @


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Words Parents Should Never Speak To Their Kids
By Michael Russell

Positive words can make such a difference in a child's life. Unfortunately, negative words can impact a child's life in a way that's unbeneficial. Find out words parents should never say to kids.

Sibling Relationship - Teach Our Kids to Resolve Conflict Peacefully
By Michael Grose

Sibling fighting tends to come with the parenting territory. It is born from rivalry or competitiveness between siblings and shows itself through mindless arguments, noisy squabbles, physical means, verbal put-downs and even long silences. There are steps parents can take to help children to resolve conflict peacefully and effectively.


Live Butterfly Pavilion

Do you want a wonderful and simple nature/science experiment for your child? Now, you child can witness one of nature's most spectacular transformations up close with this reusable, collapsible habitat at the comfort of your home!

  • Fine, transparent mesh lets you see butterfly metamorphosis up close
  • Includes easy-to-use feeder and complete instructions for habitat
  • Use the mail-in voucher to receive five butterfly larvae and special food
  • Habitat collapses for storage when not in use

Ladybug Land

Witness the magic of biology as tiny larvae bloom into beautiful ladybugs. The ladybug metamorphosis kit is a colorful, see-through habitat that provides kids with an up-close look at the miracle of nature.


  • Colorful, see-through Ladybug Land habitat
  • Mail-in certificate for ladybug larvae and food (15-20 larvae, shipped separately)
  • Magnified viewing lens
  • Fun-filled fact and instruction guide


Can music make your kids smarter?
Appleton Post-Crescent June 3, 2006

A growing body of research supports her observations. Exposing a child to great music - as a listener and as a player - is good for brain development.

No link between iron supplements and IQ
IOL May 27, 2006

Children whose mothers take iron supplements while pregnant don't have higher IQs than those whose mothers didn't take iron pills, a study from Australia shows.

Life Lessons for Kids, Courtesy of the Computer June 7, 2006

Research also shows that the majority of those kids are using computers to learn - not just to play games or communicate with friends. Education and child development experts agree that with parental guidance, computers can have significant educational benefits for children.

Parenting: Small talk with babies is no little thing June 7, 2006

Talking to a baby has been shown to produce many effects, including stimulation of brain development and emotional bonding between parent and child.

Deprivation Can Lower Child's IQ
All Headline News May 31, 2006

A combined study by UK and US researchers has revealed that children who experience any form of deprivation for more than 6 months after birth had lower IQ scores even after been removed from the deprived environment for seven years or longer.

TV should not be a baby sitter
Buffalo News June 4, 2006

The National Institutes of Health recently called for more research on how the electronic media affect children at different ages. The American Academy of Pediatrics has urged that youngsters under age 2 not watch any television.


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