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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

" Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid "

Volume #6   Issue #8

ISSN: 0219-7642    Dec 9, 2007

Andrew Loh, Publisher

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Sometime back, there was an interesting news snippet regarding the importance of teaching children music lessons at very young age. Available research suggests that teaching young children music and music theory will help them perform better in tests of memory mathematics, literature and generalized IQ tests. The overall effect of music education will also promote creativity and help learn coordination, cooperation and enhance concentration levels.

Children can start to learn music in two ways- one, in the music school, tutored by a qualified music teacher, while the other way is for the parents to impart the basic lessons in music to their children. But, parents may find teaching part to be very complicated and strenuous. Before teaching music to your kid, you will need to equip yourself by learning the necessary skills and teaching methods of music education. Here are a series of excellent educational videos that will help you know and learn the basics of teaching music to young kids and school-going children. Music expert Dani Rhodes offers various tricks and techniques that will help you teach music to your child, as well as have intense fun at the same time. These clips are great for introducing your kid to the basic aspects of music and its magic! I hope this help. Take care!

P/S: As everyone will be busy enjoying the coming holiday season and we also want to give ourselves (and you) a holiday break, there will be no BrainyZine issue until next year Jan 6, 2008. Happy Holiday!

Thought for today:
"You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance! " - Franklin P. Jones

Best Regards,
Andrew Loh
Andrew Loh
Publisher & Editor, BrainyZine
andrew @


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Managing Sibling Rivalry
By Garrett Coan

Family sibling rivalry, or conflicts between brothers and sisters, come in all shapes and sizes and is often similar conflicts seen between adults in the form of loud arguments, and destruction of property or even physical fighting. Find the effective approaches and strategies for dealing with sibling rivalry here!

Sibling Rivalry: The Magic Secret that Stops it Immediately
By Stephanie Gallagher

It is a familiar scene! Kids screaming at each other, complaining that, "He got a bigger piece of pie" or "She got to stay up an hour later last night". When sibling rivalry rears up its head, what do you do? Try to reason with the kids? Scream, threaten or punish them? None of the above methods are really effective!


Q1: Hi, I'm hoping you could help me regarding my daughter Charli and her behaviors. She's 32 months old. I know it'll be too early to identify if she's gifted, at the moment we've been investigating autism with the pediatrician because she only just started talking at 2.3 years, but everything else she has done not language related points to either being quite bright, or potentially gifted....

A: Charli certainly has shown some speedy development for her age. However, to ascertain that she may be autistic or simply above average developmentally is something that warrants some testing in terms of observation by a certified medical professional who specializes in pervasive developmental disorders. This is usually done by 3 years of age. Observation by parents or teachers may not be a very reliable indicator and should be best not used to diagnose autism....Continue to read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Gifted or Autistic? here.

Q2: My daughter, who will be two in the next week, learned sign language at a very early age. It was a great form of communication and really helped bridge the gap before verbal development. My question is this; do any of you feel that it makes a child brighter? Everyone swears that her earlier communication has catapulted her ahead of her time....

A: It is interesting that she has learnt sign language at a very early age. Though, usually the very young develop the understanding of language and motor skills much faster than their ability to speak. It is hard to determine if your girl is gifted at this point, and she is certainly too young for tests ... Continue to read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Normal or Advanced Development here.


Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too

With a title like this, it is no wonder that the authors had a monster bestseller on their hands when the book first appeared in 1988! From the subsequent deluge of reader's stories, questions, and issues, they have created nearly 50 pages of new materials for this, the tenth anniversary edition. The central message remains the same, and sounds almost very simple: avoid comparisons. But, parents know that it is easier said than done! The highly informative book is punctuated with helpful summary/reminder boxes and cartoons illustrating important points. It is a must read for parents with multiple children. But, parents of young children who get along fine should read it too- as the authors make very clear, rivalry is inevitable.


Keep the Siblings, Loose the Rivalry

Dr.Todd Cartmell explodes the myth that parents must sit passively by while sibling conflicts runs rampant! Based on solid biblical principles and sibling research, Cartmell provides a ten-step plan that will help you enrich your family soil, plant the seeds of sibling relational skills, and provide an environment that will encourage respectful sibling relationships. For most of us, dreams of family harmony and cooperation often give the way to the reality of squabbling and fighting between siblings. In this wonderful book, the author provides a number of clues, skills and techniques that will tell you how you can bring two or three fighting siblings close together and in a mutually respectful ambience.



The Secret to Raising Smart Kids
Scientific American Nov 28, 2007

Raising smart and intelligent kids is a tough and challenging job to all parents. Though intelligence and IQ of a child depends entirely on the genes, it is still possible to make your child smart and intelligent, by teaching a number of skills and techniques.

The Best and the Brightest-Does Nursing Really Affect Your Kid's IQ?
Slate Nov 8, 2007

Nursing is cozy and nurturing, not to mention remarkably efficient healing effects it provides to your baby. Now there is a new evidence about the gold ring of breast-feeding benefits- extra IQ points. It is a finding with a new twist. The researchers report that breast feeding babies get an average IQ advantage of 6.8 points- a nice step up- but only if they carry a certain genetic variant.

2007 Unsafe Toys Report Released
WebMD Medical News Nov 20, 2007

With the nation's attention focused on toy safety, consumer groups are once again warning of potentially hazardous products on store shelves this season. A report issued by the watchdog organization Public Interest Research Group, found 60 toys that are unsafe for small children because of choking, noise or other hazards.

Gifts to Make Your Kids Rich
The Dec 4, 2007

Holiday season is here, while festive time is knocking on your doors! It is also the time to gift your child a magnificent gift that keeps him active for some time. Whatever you do, ensure that you are gifting something that makes your child rich in smartness, intelligence and talent.

The Top 10 Kid's CDs of 2007, from WXPN
National Public Radio (NPR) Dec 01, 2007

Interactive and educational CDs will make a child learn a number of things in a fun and thrilling ambience. Every year, thousands of such CDs appear on shopping shelves. Here is small guide that helps you find out the best kid's CDs of the year 2007. This list will provide you a catalogue of great CDs of this year.

Parenting Tips for the Holidays
Sun Chronicle Dec 2, 2007

Making sure the goods prepared or bought for school and office parties, cleaning and preparing for home entertaining, scheduling parties, making plans for family visits, getting gifts, mailing those holiday cards, packing for holiday trips--- and the list goes on! Parents can help head off those holiday headaches for themselves and their children by examining their own expectations and being aware of their stress levels. In addition, the less stressed children are, the less stressed the parents will be.


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