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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

" Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid "

Volume #3   Issue #24

ISSN: 0219-7642    Sep 04, 2005

Andrew Loh, Publisher

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Thanks for all the good wishes since I announced my wife's pregnancy in my last issue. My wife just enters her second trimester now. We were very grateful yesterday when we received the results on the "Down Syndrome" test and the result was negative (indicating low risk). Will keep you updated on the 'work-in-progress'.

In the meantime, we have read or seen the devastation created by Hurricane Katrina and how it affected so many people in Louisiana, USA. I hope everyone just do what is within your ability to help out the victims. You can do so by donating to American Red Cross. Thanks a lot! Have a great week ahead.

Andrew Loh
Publisher & Editor, BrainyZine
andrew @


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How to Create an Attitude of Cooperation
By Judy H. wright

Sibling Rivalry: The Magic Trick That Stops It Instantly
By Stephanie Gallagher


Q1: I would like to know when a child's inborn intelligence is measured, how accurate would that piece of information be? Is there a difference in the score from the IQ score? The report shows that my child's TRC is 191. What does that score mean? Please advise.

A: Read Dr. Sandhu's answer on inborn intelligence here!

Q2: My daughter is in 4th grade and she is already the youngest in her class. She is currently in a school gifted program and the teacher has recommended that she skip 5th grade and go to 6th. We have only known the teacher for 1 year and want other advice. I am worried about her overall growth, i.e. maturity level now and in the near future, namely when she is in 9th grade but only 13 while her classmates are 15......

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on grade skipping and the gifted child here!

Q3: My son who is seven years old completed Terra Nova testing in school. His scores were in the middle of the 75th percentile across the board. Is this test conclusive on his further educational development? On the other side if a child scored 99% does this merit being gifted or very focused ?

A: Find Dr. Sandhu's answer on Terra Nova Achievement test here!




LeapFrog Leapster
* By LeapFrog
* Recommended age: 4 - 8 years
* Review: 4.5 Stars

Designed for children in preschool through second grade, and easily portable, the Leapster multimedia learning system offers educational games, reading exercises, math, art tools, music and interactive videos in one electronic device. It comes with 6-game cartridge and expandable with large library of games.












Your Baby Can Read, Set 1
* Studio: Infant Learning Co.
* Starring: Dr. Robert Titzer
* Review: 5 Stars

One customer review: My Baby Can Read!!!

My daughter is 13 months and can read more words than I can keep up with. These DVD's are amazing!!! I promise if you follow the parent instructions your baby will learn how to read and recognize letters very easily. I bought the DVD set, when my daughter was 4 months old. She has watched it everyday twice a day ever since and still LOVES IT. She started to clap at 9 months and could read the word clap at 9 months old. She learned all her body parts at 12 months: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, neck, mouth, belly,toes, feet, and hands. She can read all the body parts as well. She has even learned big words like elephant and animals. She cannot yet pronounce all the letters, but this will come. This DVD has helped her learn everything faster. I have incorporated sign language and she easily learns a sign after a week. She can sign, book, more, eat, hot, and itsy, bitsy spider.

I can go on and on about what she can do, but more importantly these DVDs open you up to what BABIES can learn at an early age. I feel there is nothing that I cannot teach her as long as I do it in a fun and playful way.


Are today's babies smarter?
The Independent Aug 27, 2005

It's a genetic evolution that's caused babies to be smarter than their ancestors and most of it is attributed to prenatal stimulation. Many professionals in paediatrics believe it is a fact, while others dispute the numerous tests and research results that claim the evolution is true.

Little Thinkers
The Jerusalem Post Aug 21, 2005

Researchers in the brain development and cognitive behavior of infants believe infants acquire many sophisticated perceptual abilities, can detect errors, process quantitative information and feel emotions as complicated as jealousy, frustration and empathy.

Blame it on brain cells when your teen drives you nuts
The Telegraph Online Aug 21, 2005

All human brains contain a frontal lobe, the part that controls problem solving and judgment, but researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health have found it isn't fully developed until people reach their late teens or early 20s.

That means teenagers are making decisions about drinking, sex, drugs and driving, among other things, with an ill-equipped brain. They're making these decisions, Holler says, based on emotion instead of reason.

Keeping things simple
The Star Sep 1, 2005

Developmentally-appropriate and stimulating experiences can mould the way the brain develops. The more hands-on experiences they have, the better their brains will develop.

Interaction crucial for child development
Canon City Daily Record Aug 26, 2005

Petersen explained children learn language skills by having adults listen and interact with them. She compared a child's brain development to building a house: If you don't develop all the essentials the first time, you can fix it, but it will never be the same. Anytime a child has a new experience, its brain forms connections known as synapses. "We want to have really strong connections made. It's a use it or loose it thing," Petersen said.

The mind of a genius needs a stimulating learning environment
University of Helsinki Aug 28, 2005

"To become an exceptionally talented adult, one needs to be born with certain potential but it also takes an environment that supports, encourages and steers the child in the right direction," says Inkeri Ruokonen, Doctor of Education.

Skipping a grade: Is it right for your child? Aug 25, 2005

So what are parents to do if their child is academically gifted ... should you consider skipping a grade?

Experts recommend limiting youths' hours watching television
The Index Journal Aug 27, 2005

The most significant damage occurs in the earliest years, from 6 months to 2 years old, this is when brain development occurs, and research indicates their brains get wired for (fast-paced) television opposed to the (slower-paced) natural world. This could be a reason for ADD or ADHD.

Secrets of the oil that makes children cleverer
Yorkshire Post Aug 19, 2005

To date research carried out on those given Omega-3 supplements has come up with impressive results, pointing to remarkable improvements in intelligence and behavior.

Lighting up the brain
Times Online Aug 20, 2005

From mental health to physical well being, music therapy may hit all the right notes. Listening to complex forms of music (that means Mozart, not Atomic Kitten) may make you more intelligent, improve your memory, make you a better communicator, reduce the need for pain-relieving drugs during surgery, and even repair damaged neural connections in the brain.


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