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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

" Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid "

Volume #3   Issue #13

ISSN: 0219-7642    April 1, 2005

Andrew Loh, Publisher

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Oh boy, what a week! My sons fell sick one after another with virus infection. It has been a busy week for me. Before I leave you just like that, I have a good resource tip to share with you.

Do you want to read children books to your kids for f.r.e.e? The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is a 5-year project by the Internet Archive and the University of Maryland to create a digital library of international children's books. Currently, they have more than 600 titles for children ages 3 - 13. I believe you, as a parent, teacher or caregiver, should be able to find something interesting from this large collection of children books for your kids. Enjoy your search!

By the way, Happy April Fools Day to you!

Andrew Loh
Publisher & Editor, BrainyZine
andrew @


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How to Develop Your Child's Genius: Improving Concentration and Focus
By Esther Andrews


Q: I have a 34 months daughter who can read children books and at times signs and magazines covers, count to 50 and spell her name, parent names and simple animal and shops names. She loves to read and dance- rather then play. She loves to tease and joke with her daddy. Is she gifted or just normal?

A: See Dr. Sandhu's complete answer on is she a gifted child? here!

Q: Malta, where I now live, is an insular environment. I teach a little English and in one class is a ten years old boy who seems to be gifted. In a poem he wrote for me he used three adjectives before a noun. His teacher sometimes defers to him. His interpersonal skills are very poor. His parents say integration is the thing, but I feel that he may be damaged by peer baiting. They also say that in Malta there is no other course for him. What to do? Assessment first I think, then perhaps the Internet? Are there 'get-togethers' in Europe for gifted people?

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on Gifted education in Europe here



Brain Foods for Kids : Over 100 Recipes to Boost Your Child's Intelligence

This book focus on foods that can improve brain power of children and also those that can hinder it. The book covers:

  • A clear and easy-to-follow introduction to the principles of good childhood nutrition and information on all the latest science on brain-boosting foods.
  • Practical, kid-tested advice on incorporating the essential foods into a child-friendly diet.
  • Special "brain-box" features to explain the health-giving, mind-boosting properties of each of the featured dishes.
  • Teaches how to recognize foods containing additives and pesticides, and how to choose healthy, nutritious ingredients.
  • Advice on using diet to control and avoid behavioral problems such as ADHD



A child's brain needs a delicate mix of nutrients
Lexington Herald March 20, 2005

A healthy, balanced diet plays a vital role in good mental development for kids, says the author of a new book called Brain Foods for Kids: Over 100 Recipes to Boost Your Child's Intelligence. Missing out on even one important dietary nutrient can cause big problems for a child's mental performance, and it can even result in bad behavior, the expert says.

Building your baby's brain March 18, 2005

Although well meaning parents are buying brain-building toys, videos and computer programs in record numbers, parents need to first think about building the brain from the inside.

What You Need to Know About Eating Fish
WebMDHealth March 23, 2005

"Fish and shellfish contain high quality protein and other essential nutrients, are low in saturated fat, and contain omega-3 fatty acids," says their joint statement. "A well-balanced diet that includes a variety of fish and shellfish can contribute to heart health and children's proper growth and development. Thus, women and young children in particular should include fish or shellfish in their diets due to the many nutritional benefits."

However, mercury may be harmful to an unborn child or a young child. Mercury may have damaging effects to a child's developing brain.

Mercury in Air Pollution: A Link to Autism? March 21, 2005

Can mercury n air pollution cause autism? Nobody knows. But a new study suggests it's worth a look.

Infant's experiences impact brain development
The Record-Courier March 30, 2005

When a mother is suffering from postpartum depression or "the baby-blues" for longer than a few days it is likely that she will not be tuned into the child's subtle but all too important cues. If she is too apathetic to respond appropriately then the baby is not stimulated in a way that allows brain development to follow a normal course.

In fact, a lack of response can cause distress in the baby and lead to a different kind of brain connection to take place.

'Golden hour' of play helps baby develop March 29, 2005

Dr. Miriam Stoppard further condenses that idea in her book "Baby's First Skills: Help Your Baby Learn Through Creative Play". She says babies will learn more during "the golden hour," 60 minutes of play and undivided attention, than at any other time of the day.


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