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Retesting for WISC-IV

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My daughter (2nd grade) just completed the WISC IV. Her FSIQ was 123 and GAI 124. The examiner did not include the working memory (129) and processing speed (97). Our state goes by percentiles for gifted, and she scored at 95 GAI. The state cuts off at 97%. Should she at some time be retested, and when? Should we push for services now or just wait?

Her oral reading is in the very superior range and spelling and math problem solving are in the superior range. Her processing speed was average, but I understand that is often the case with kids with higher reasoning skills. Any advice would be welcome. I know many of the questions on the WISC IV were ones she simply has not yet been taught (multiplication, fractions) and at least one that I know she knew the answer and the phrasing was awkward. Thanks!

A: Your daughter's score is in the superior range. There difference between her FSIQ and GAI is just one point. Briefly, the GAI is an optional index score for the WISC-IV and is derived from the core Verbal Comprehension and Perceptual Reasoning subtests. It provides an estimate of general intellectual ability, with reduced emphasis on working memory and processing speed relative to the FSIQ.

Technically, the GAI represents an individual's overall cognitive ability, if working memory and processing speed abilities were similar to verbal and non-verbal abilities. As cognitive abilities are interrelated, the GAI in fact taps on working memory and processing speed, but to a lesser degree than the FSIQ. The GAI scores were based on her VCI and PRI (this includes Similarities, Vocabulary, Comprehension; and Block Design, Matrix Reasoning, Picture Concepts).

I am not sure why the GAI is used given - her WM appears to be rather high. Perhaps her VCI and PRI are very high - not given here. Her processing speed is average and it is true that a number of gifted children score average on PSI with extreme scores on the other subtests. I believe she need so differentiation programme to cater for her strong areas. It would be a good idea to check with the school - perhaps assess her using a different form of assessment to see if she qualifies for services. If she needs enrichment, you should not wait.

Retesting is usually advised between 18 - 24 months; but there are special cases and exception to this. Schools may allow a year if they are convinced of an obvious need for retest. You would need to speak to the educational psychologist to determine if there is a need to be retested especially if you feel that the scores are not justified.

On the WISC-IV questions, there is really no formal training required to be able to perform as it measures innate intelligence. There is no direct multiplication or fraction question here and bias is minimal. Answering a question awkwardly again may not cause in loss of points as long as the intention is recognized, and that the tester knows that the child is able to answer. So, rest assured that there is minimal practice effect here. Though it is possible for a child to get so anxious that s/he may not be able to voice out the answer or answer something else altogether.

In any case, do get some help as she scored very high is should be eligible for some educational programme to help her develop her strength further. Good luck!.


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