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Intelligence Test Scores Classification

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: We just had our son's IQ tested for gifted and we received his IQ scores. What would the "normal" scores be for a 10 year old male in 4th grade for:

  • Verbal comprehension

  • Preceptual Reasoning

  • Working Memory

  • Processing Speed

  • Reading

  • Math Spelling

If you can not answer where can I find these results. Thank you for your time.

A: You did not indicate the test, so from the items I believe it may have been the Wechsler test (WISC). I am not able to tell the normal scores as this is a rather complex test and interpretation is subjected to many different responses and normal distribution which is indicated in the scoring manual. Therefore, the scores are best interpreted by a qualified tester and interpreter of such tests who have access to the detailed results. However, I am able to provide you with a guide to the percentile ranks and classification ratings of the Wechsler Tests as indicated in the following table:

(Wechsler Tests)

IQ Percentile Range Classification 
130 and above 98 to 99.99  Very Superior
120 to 129 91 to 97 Superior
110 to 119 75 to 90 High Average
90 to 109 25 to 73 Average
80 to 89 9 to 23 Low Average
70 to 79 2 to 8 Borderline
69 and below .01 to 2 Intellectual Deficient

Please use this as a rough guide as the final scores are subject to interpretation of an educational psychologist or an expert in testing. You may go back to the school and ask if there is possibility for arranging someone to interpret the scores, or ask where you may get a detailed interpretation.


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