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By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My son took the RIAS in 2007, when he was 8 yrs/8 mos old. He has expressed a desire to join Mensa, and is able to use the results of that RIAS to apply for membership. Mensa requires an "IQ" of 130 or higher. Is that the CIX result and is there a way for me to obtain what the PERCENTILES are for his scores? Also, can you provide any information on where I can obtain a notarized copy (stating that it is an actual copy of the original) of that document? It was administered at his elementary school by the School Psychologist. He is currently attending a public high school in the same city, state and district. Any information would be appreciated. Please do not print my name. Thank you.

RIAS administered in 2007 (when my son was 8years and 8months old), as result of teacher referral, for the purpose of qualifying for the Gifted program.

CIX 136
VIX 140
NIX 123

Subtest T-Scores:
Guess What 69
Odd-Item Out 61
Verbal Reason 75
What's Missg 63

Again, I am seeking the scale that would determine his "IQ", the percentiles of his scores, and information on where I could obtain a notarized copy. Thank you so much for this service and your time!

A: Generally, membership in Mensa is open to persons who have obtained a score within the upper 2 percent of the general population and this has to be done on an approved intelligence test that has been properly administered and supervised. You can find the list of approved intelligence test in your area by looking at their website (e.g., for US - it is

For the RIAS, it is clearly stated that the cut-off is 132, which qualifies your son with a score of 136. Yes, this would be the CIX (Composite Intelligence Index) and I believe the percentile is in the form itself, which should be under “percentile rank”. You would need to do back to the school to get a notarized copy (a stamp with signature from the school as evidence that the test was administered there by a qualified psychologist). For Mensa International, please see for more information. Write in to them - they would be the best people to advise you further on how to go about the application. Good luck!


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