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Scales to Measure Intelligence

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Are their other scales used measure IQ instead of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale as it relates to gifted testing?

A: Sure there is! I would like to refer you to the following webpage for a whole list of tests, the most common being the Stanford Binet (SB-5), the Wechsler (WISC), and the Woodcock Johnson (WJ-III):

Most intelligence tests generally consist of subtests measuring various qualities, such as factual knowledge, short-term memory, abstract reasoning, visual-spatial abilities, and common sense. Intelligence is always measured relative to a particular culture and norm. This means that there is no “culture free” test. Intelligence tests can predict academic success to a good extent; however, they are not good at measuring qualities such as such interpersonal skill or creativity. Although IQ scores tend to be fairly stable, intelligence can vary over time.


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