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Interpreting the WISC-IV Scores

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: I just received my son's Psychological Evaluation from his school and need some assistance in interpreting the data. He scored as follows on the

VCI = 104

Similarities = 10
Vocabulary = 10
Comprehension = 13

PRI = 82

Block Design = 7
Picture Concepts = 10
Matrix Reasoning = 4

WMI = 77

Digit Span = 7
Letter-Number Sequencing = 5

PSI = 68

Coding = 2
Symbol Search = 6

FSIQ = 81

He is obviously below average but any idea what this is indicative of? Thank you for your assistance.

A: As you have indicated, the scores are below average. Low scores in each of the subset indicate a weakness in different areas and I am not able to place him in any group.
I believe he has multiple learning disorder but I prefer to rule out any form mental retardation as none of the average implies this group.

For VCI, he appeared to have scores reasonabally high in comparison to the other scores. This score alone shows a close resemblance to kids with ADHD. However, PRI scores rules this out as kids with ADHD tend to have higher PRI and the rest of the other scores). Instead his PRI scores tend to imply a possible difficulty in mathematics. The WMI scores may indicate concerns in reading and his PSI scores are lower than the average in any of the groups.

I would suspect a learning disability but I am not able to tell for sure. It is recommended that you see a specialist for more tests to rule of other disorders or if diagnosed, it would be good to intervene. Early intervention is always favourable and today, there are many treatments to help a child do the best based on his capabilities.
My very best wishes to you.


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