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Interpretation of WISC-IV Score

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Hello and thank you very much for your time. My 7 years old daughter had her WISC-IV and WIAT-III test done, however I am not sure how to interpret the result I have received from the tests. I am not sure if I should consider a gifted school for her or not. The psychologist who have done the test did explain the test but didn't give us the IQ score. I am hoping you can help me with the interpretation.

Composite Scale:

Verbal Comprehension Index: 120
Perceptual Reasoning Index: 118
Working Memory Index: 133
Processing Speed Index: 100

Verbal Comprehension

Similarities: 15, vocabulary: 12, Comprehension: 13 Perceptual Reasoning:
Block Design: 8, Picture concepts: 14, Matrix Reasoning: 16 Working Memory:
Digit Span: 17, Letter-Number Sequencing: 14 Processing Speed:
Coding: 12, Symbol Search: 8
Composite Scale:
Verbal Comprehension Index: 120
Perceptual Reasoning Index: 118
Working Memory Index: 133
Processing Speed Index: 100

Composite Scale:
Total Reading: 119
Basic Reading: 126
Reading comprehension and Fluency:107
Written Expression: 118
Mathematics: 110
Math Fluency:129

Subtest scores:
Reading Composite:
Word Reading: 112
Reading Comprehension:107
Pseudo word decoding: 133
Early reading skills:110
oral reading fluency:105

Mathematic composite:
Numerical Operations: 112
Math problem solving: 105
Math fluency-addition: 136
Math fluency-subtract: 118

Written Language composite
Spelling: 125
Alphabet Writing Fluency:98
Sentence Composition: 120

Thank you very much.

A: I will attempt to interpret the WISC-IV score only as I am not very familiar with the WIAT-III scoring interpretation. Based on the composite scores, the following is your daughter's ability range:

Verbal Comprehension Index: 120 - Superior
Perceptual Reasoning Index: 118 - High Average
Working Memory Index: 133 - Very Superior
Processing Speed Index: 100 - Average

For the Full Scale IQ (FSIQ), I would need to have the sums of scaled scores for each of the index. However, when I combined the sums of scaled scores for each of the subsets as given, I am getting a different composite score. Based on those score, the FSIQ is 90, which is in the average range. I have attempted many times but the results are the same. You need to check the scores that are given for each subtest. Are they noted correctly? There is something wrong in either the subtest scores or it is some kind of miscalculation. For the FSIQ, I would need the subtest scores and it just does not tally with the scores I calculated.

All I can advise is for you to recheck with the tester as something is missing here. Some mistake has been done with either the composite score or the raw score. It is also strange that the FSIQ is not given, as it is the most reliable score for interpretation of the profile. I am afraid I am not able to comment further to this. If a General Ability Index) GAI is used, it should be reported as well. Please speak to the psychologist again and get the detailed results. If the raw scores are correct, there is not possible to generate composite scores as the above. Something just does not match here and you have the right to know.
All the best.


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