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The Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT-Revised)

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Is it possible for a 12 year old with a SIT-R (Slosson Intelligence Test - Revised) standard score of 84 to improve it to by 6 points to be within the normal range? The age equivalency when she was given the test was 10.5 when in actuality she was 11.10. But we did repeat 1st grade, so she is one year behind in schooling than most kids her age....the percentile is 16. I am not sure what most of this means.

My daughter was diagnosed with auditory processing receptive expressive disorder when she was 5, by 2 different speech pathologists. She was also diagnosed with ADD. Then she was diagnosed with dyslexia. She also seems unmotivated to work hard.

Do you think she should be tested with add medication and without? I wonder sometimes if the add medication doesn't slow down her mental reflexes to much? Do you think I should schedule an appointment with a Neurologist to get better insight into what is going on with her brain?

A: The Slosson Intelligence Test serves as a quick estimate of general verbal cognitive ability or index of verbal intelligence. This test is suitable for screening purposes, although it has been recommend that additional (short form) of other comprehensive intelligence test batteries that are more psychometrically sound be used for detailed understanding of general intelligence.

It is always possible that the scores may be higher if the child were to be older; for instance, with the assumption that all conditions equal, a 12 year old child who just turned 12 may score a little lower than a child who has a couple of months to be 13. Other factors can also affect the scores. Her percentile is rather low; hence I suspect that the test may not be suitable for her. She has a few other disorders that may have an impact on her results. With the learning problems that she has been diagnosed with, she need multiple tests in the areas diagnosed. The results of a single test for the average child may not be suitable for her. Some medication may cause slowness that would also affect her scores. You need to check this with her doctor.

I seriously think you need to see a doctor who may be able to recommend a specialist to examine her thoroughly. Please act as soon as you can as early intervention is always good. Special accommodation based on the nature of the disorder would surely help her adjust better and be more motivated to learn. Best of luck.


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