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Interpretation of K-BIT 2 Scores

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My son is 5 years old and obviously very intelligent. He was recently given the K-BIT 2 test through his school. These are the scores I received.

Vocabulary 115

Matrices 103

K-BIT Composite Score 11

There is no explanation of what these scores mean or where he falls intellectually. Only that he doesn't meet district criteria for the gfited program.

A: The KBIT-2 is a screening measure of intelligence comprised of two subtests: Matrices (non-verbal) and Vocabulary (verbal). In theory, the verbal subtests measure crystallized ability and the non verbal subtests measure fluid reasoning. The Verbal portion of the KBIT-2 is made up of two subtests, Verbal Knowledge and Riddles. These measure verbal, school related skills by measuring an individuals word knowledge, verbal concept formation, reasoning ability and range of general information. The Non Verbal portion is made up of the Matrices subtest and measures the ability to solve new problems by assessing ability to perceive relationships and complete visual analogies.

Scores from these two subtests are combined to form the IQ Composite, which serves as the measure of intelligence on the KBIT-2. The composite standard scores have a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. Scores between 90 and 110 are considered average.

It appears that you son scored above average for Vocabulary; and in the average range for Matrices. However, I am not able to make out the reason for the IQ Composite of 11. There must be a mistake somewhere. You may want to request additional information about the test scores from the school. All the best!


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