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Inborn Intelligence

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: I would like to know when a child's inborn intelligence is measured, how accurate would that piece of information be? Is there a difference in the score from the IQ score? The report shows that my child's TRC is 191. What does that score mean? Please advise.

A: Unfortunately, I am not familiar with TRC (Total Ridges Count) and its interpretation of scores. You may need to consult with the test administrators. However, I will explain my understanding of "inborn intelligence".

Also known as "innate intelligence", such intelligence exists within every living thing. This form of intelligence tells our body complex mechanism that we may not think about such as, letting the heart know how many times to beat, our intestines how and what to digest, heals a cut on our finger, etc. This intelligence travels from our brain out to our spinal cord, to the rest of our nervous system, out to our organs and back constantly throughout our lives. The function of innate intelligence is "to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have coordinated action for mutual benefit." This is how our body works, not some magic!

The inborn intelligence is tested using intelligence tests. Many early researchers in this area viewed IQ scores as a permanent marker of inborn intelligence and that intelligence was hereditary. The level of intelligence in fact depends on one's inborn intelligence which is influenced by environmental factors. This has been a long on-going nature/nurture controversy on the extent to which an individual's intellectual level is determined either by inborn intelligence or by environmental factors. Hence, inborn intelligence is natural (heredity) and environmental influence determines the development of intelligence.

Educationally, an aptitude test predicts a student's inborn intelligence (more of nature), whereas an achievement test reveals what the student has learned in school (environmental influence).


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