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Creativity and Self-Concept

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: I would like to know how creativity relates to the development of self concept in young children.

A: This is a very large area and to find out in more detail, you may need to read some of the research studies linked to this area. Very briefly, studies have indicated a positive relationship between creativity and self-concept in young children.

According to Wikipedia, self-concept or self-identity is the mental and conceptual awareness and persistent regard that sentient beings hold with regard their own being. Components of a being's self-concept include physical, psychological, and social attributes; and can be influenced by its attitudes, habits, beliefs and ideas. These components and attributes can each be condensed to the general concepts of self-image and the self-esteem.

Children learn best through self-discovery, hands-on exploration, and interaction with others. These experiences help them develop confidence in their own abilities with play being the primary medium for early learning. Self confidence is related to self concept. The environment has to be carefully planned to meet children’s developmental needs and to provide opportunities for successful learning.

Creative activities allows children to think and the ability to think on one’s own and act accordingly will help a child be more confident of her/him self and this leads to a positive self concept. Self concept is learnt, organized and dynamic. No one is born with a self-concept. It gradually emerges in the early months of life and is shaped and reshaped through repeated perceived experiences, particularly with significant others. In short, creativity helps the development of self-concept.


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