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Retesting Issues for WISC-IV

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Is there a time period (12 months) to re-take the WISC-IV test? My daughter is being tested again for the academically talented program, the school states that it has to be a full year for her to be re-tested for the WISC-IV. Is this true?

A: For standardized tests, the retake time period is usually one year or more. However, research on interval period of retesting has not really pinpointed the exact time. Nevertheless, the main reason is to allow enough time so that test candidates will not easily recall specific tasks and test items which will make their results less reliable. Sometimes, perhaps a nine-month interval may be accepted in some special cases. Schools usually are rather strict with the one-year interval period for any IQ re-testing. You may need to discuss with the school authorities if you feel yours is a special case and warrants an earlier re-test. 


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