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Waldorf Education - An Effective Education System

By Andrew Loh

“Most elementary schools in the world simply fail to create or generate an innermost enthusiasm for learning lessons within every child who attends the school. Neither the children are able to remember their lessons in an effective way nor are they capable to understand the basic concepts of their lessons.”

Going to a class is an exciting event for any child. Making their children to go to school is a big challenge for parents as well. Schools are where your children will become the future citizens. The classroom moulds a child by making him or her to learn the lessons in an effective manner. When the teaching is effective, simple, result oriented and concept based, then your children will develop an inner urge to understand their lessons in a wholesome manner. Allowing motivation to emanate from within their minds will help your children develop the ability to adapt to a system of lifelong learning that is joyful as well as meaningful. However, the present day education system may not serve the purpose completely at least in the way children respond to the basic aspects of learning.

Experts are now asking whether there is an immediate need to tweak or transform the present day education system, so that they can make children develop an urge to develop a keen enthusiasm for learning from within the mind. Of late, many new education and teaching systems are coming up in many parts of the world. Some of them are effective and student centered, while others supplement the present day system with a number of ideas and suggestions. However, some of these new systems are really effective and meaningful, when you consider their ability to enhance your children's motivation levels to study more and get good grades. Waldorf education system is one such system that helps the teacher in a traditional classroom to make children develop a keen enthusiasm and interest to learn and comprehend the lessons.

For Waldorf education system, music, arts, culture, theater, writing, literature, lessons and dancing are not simply subjects or topics for simple studying! With this system, your children can easily cultivate a lifelong desire or love for learning and understand, as well as develop a motivation or an urge to understand their lessons in a productive manner.

Rudolf Steiner was the proponent of Waldorf education system. This system assumes that a profound understanding of human mind development will help assist fulfill the immediate needs and requirements of a growing child. This system helps the teacher to change or transform traditional education into an art form that educates the child to develop the heart as well as the head and intellect.

Waldorf system is very curious and entirely different from a traditional classroom. The first things that you notice as soon as you enter a Waldorf school is the impeccable care and concern provided to the building itself. What you see when you enter a classroom is its brilliant and lovely coloring as well as different student art and craft work adorned on the wall! You can see an inclination towards making the classroom child-centric with its amazing array of vividly colored desks, chairs, tables and windows. It looks, as if the whole classroom is a mini lesson book! Below is an example of a classroom in a Waldorf school.

Waldorf teachers are very committed, enthusiastic and are very keen to tend and nurse their children. Every child is an individual for them! Every mind is a separate entity for them! Most teachers who teach in such schools tend to ask more questions and interact with them on a consistent basis to develop motivation and urge to study hard and understand the lessons. These teachers will have some dicey challenges in front of them and many questions lay in front of them that seek correct answers. Some of them could be:

  • Is it possible to establish a high level of academic excellence within the minds of the children?

  • Is it possible to create an innate enthusiasm or an immediate urge for learning and comprehending?

  • Is it possible to create self-awareness in the minds of the children?

  • Is it possible to help or assist children to understand the meaning of their lives?

  • Is it possible to make children understand the basic concepts of lessons taught in the classroom?

......"When children relate what they learn to their own experience, they are interested and alive, and what they learn becomes their own. Waldorf schools are designed to foster this kind of learning." - Henry Barnes, a longtime and highly respected Waldorf teacher.

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