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Boosting Baby Brain Development - Simple Parental Techniques and Methods

By Andrew Loh

This second part of the series deals with methods and techniques that help parents to boost brain development. However, catalyzing faster brain development is possible only when parents understand basic facts and details about the baby brain. Here are some techniques and methods to help parents boost optimal brain development.

Prenatal or before-birth baby intelligence

Prenatal care and maintenance may play a vital role in deciding the quality of brain development. The pregnant mother should take enough care to nurture the fetus and unborn baby. Along with proper nutrition, enough exercise and relaxation are very critical for a brainy baby. Optimal foetal development occurs when pregnant women consume high quality essential fatty acids in their diet.

Omega 3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is the most important component of diet that helps the primary structural development of brain tissues. It is also important for proper spinal cord, eye, ear and nervous system development. Normal birth size and weight are possible with proper consumption of this dietary component. Proper coordination and motor skills are possible when you consume recommended levels of this component. Mothers who consumed additional quantities of Omega -3 acids in their diet are more likely to give birth to smarter and brainier babies. Breastfeeding and additional Omega - 3 acid inputs is a potentially powerful combination to raise intelligent children.

Brain catalyzing techniques for earl days

Parental intervention during the early days of children could influence the rate of brain development. Engaged relationship with your children is more likely to enhance brain growth among children. Some of the simple techniques to ensure proper brain growth are as follows:

Simple eye contact: Look right at the eyes of the tender eyes of your baby. Babies are endowed with a gift to recognize peoples' faces even at three months into their life. Babies try to build and enhance their memories just by looking at peoples' faces especially the mother.

Facial movements: Babies posses the ability to imitate simple facial moments like an adult does. Imitating facial movements will enhance your baby's ability to solve problems.

Talk and pause: Start talking to your baby right from the stage when you give birth to your baby. As you talk, ensure that you leave short pauses in between. This simple act leaves short gaps between communication strings. Babies try to decipher these short pauses and try to fill the gaps with meanings.

Sing and make funny faces: Make funny faces, twitch your face, and give expressions while you sing in front of your baby. These exercises will expose your baby to uncertain situations that act as challenges for solving problems and deciphering their meaning. Your baby will try to find a solution to these simple problems.

Give enough physical exercises: Ensure that you provide many opportunities for your baby to stretch out. These exercises will help streamline muscle and bone movements. Your baby will become stronger as she tries to play.

Take your baby for a walk: Carry your baby and start walking in the house and outside. Your baby needs to know more about external stimuli and interferences. Let her have a look on the exterior world. Narrate the meaning of each object and pattern that both you and baby see. Start talking about them and explain their real meaning. This will help your baby build proper language and vocabulary skills.

Let the baby hold objects and experience their texture and color: When you give your baby to hold some objects with her tender fingers, you are giving her an opportunity to learn how to hold things, feel the texture, identify colors and contrast and master muscle and motor skills.

Feed baby with brain boosting food: Make sure that you provide brain-boosting food to your baby right from the birth. Breastfeeding is perhaps one of the best ways to promote normal brain growth. When your baby grows and becomes a child, you can supplement her diet with a series of ingredients and additives that promote quicker brain development.

Brain catalyzing techniques for later days

As your baby grows and reaches one year of growth, you may need to provide external stimuli to catalyze her brain cells for quicker brain building. Here are some simple techniques:

Decorate your baby room with colorful art: You can help your baby develop critical motor skills and eyesight development by decorating the room with colorful art and patterns. Arrange the room with thoughtful toys, objects and patterned thing that draw the attention of the child. This will help the child to identify objects and patterns, indexing them, organize them for later memory retrieval and build a sense of geometry. In combination, room decoration and art could be a great way to ensure development of reasoning, critical thinking, imagination and helpful motor skills.

Brain building toys will help children build better cognition skills: Past research suggests us that brain building and educational toys provide wonderful opportunities for young children to build cognition, motor skills, imagination and problem solving skills. Bring home those toys that help your child to boost brain cell growth and development.

Be attentive and try to know what your baby is saying: Mutual interaction and attention are known to boost brain growth in young children. Children need timely help and assistance from their children. They may try to solve some simple problems while playing and in the process, they seek help from their parents. Now, parents may wish to help them solve the problem by demonstrating simple solutions. For example, you may show them how to arrange building blocks either by color or by size.

Love and affection are the two simple and effective ways to promote normal brain development in young children. Mother's heavenly touch and attention would work as magical potions to boost brain cell growth and soldering billions of synapses in young brains.

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