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Work With Joy

By Ramu Jaladurgam

A happy person is not a person with certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with certain set of attitudes - Hugh Downs


Why don't you choose 'JOY' as your choice?

The happiest things in the world are not things, they are just emotions. Everybody aspire to live their life happily to the fullest, but many times situations go wrong and expectations invite worries. Happy, Jovial, Joy, Ecstatic - no matter how you say it - a feeling of joy is uplifting and satisfying. It's a state we all want to be in, but too many of us don't know how to experience the joy.

What will make you joyful and happy? Finding the perfect job or spouse? A shiny new car? Your dream house? Even things which appear to create joy have their downsides

Every human being wishes to be happy, but the metamorphosis of the mental perception towards being with happiness should be the ultimate choice. You can change yourself by changing the way you feel. So, try not to look at change as an impossible task. But remember, we do all have the choice and the power to change IF WE WANT. Explore the happiness that is lying within you always.

After GOD created a human being with all the emotions, he was searching for the place to keep the happiness, thinking that by default happiness may not have the purpose of creation. Other administrators suggested Him to keep happiness at the peak mountain of Himalayas and somebody said it is easy for them to find and achieve, then other proposals like hiding in to the deep sea, locking in the rocky den was also denied by the God, because they seems to be easy. Then an intelligent proposal emerged in to the God's mind to keep the happiness within the human being. Since then the man is searching around the world and trying to find the 'Joy' with things, relationships, expectations, money, power and other tangibles.

Joyful people take responsibility for their own happiness. Joy is a choice. A small flower at our garden, baby's smile, sunrise like simple beauties of life also can bring happiness to our life provided if we have attitude. You can create joy when you change your faulty beliefs and thoughts. Joy is more than happiness, health and wellness. The good news is that we all have room for change and can do it by checking our responses to the world and different situations in our life. Love unconditionally, reduce self-interest while developing your social interest and self-help to be at peace and have positive perceptions.

Wishing, hoping, feeling and being with joy is the complete purpose of life.

I wish your only choice would be to WORK WITH JOY.


If you would like to contact Ramu about the story he wrote, he can be reached at

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