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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


How to Raise Your Child's IQ: Some Simple Techniques

By Andrew Loh

Raising IQ in your children involves a series of activities that focus specially on developing the mental faculties as well as physical abilities. Enhancing IQ is also a dedicated activity that needs plenty of patience, will power and knowledge from parents. Here are some simple techniques and methods that are known to raise IQ levels in children:

  1. Help you children sleep early, and late in the evening, say at 9PM. Children need a minimum of 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep and ensure that they get it without fail. Available research findings suggest that brain function drops drastically with decreased sleep.

  2. Never, ever exert too much pressure on your children! It may counterproductive in the end! Set realistically possible expectations for your children and never be hasty in your efforts.

  3. Are you an expecting mom? If yes, talk to your baby everyday, sing songs and rhythms and say pleasing things throughout the day.

  4. Love your kids and adore them for their good qualities. Shower affection whenever necessary.

  5. Your baby likes your physical touch; touching your baby is reassuring and empathetic

  6. Talk to your baby and help him or her learn basic skills of language.

  7. It is better to have children when you are young, preferably before the age of 30. Young parents will have the required virility and vitality to have strong and intelligent babies.

  8. Young children need intelligent and smart toys to play with and develop a range of useful skills like motor and cognition. Choose your toys wisely and intelligently. Toys are available in a number of forms, patterns, shapes and activities.

  9. Eat plenty of omega-3 rich fish while you are pregnant. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to help in early brain development.

  10. Eat plenty of green and leafy vegetable when you are pregnant. Flaxseed and processed soybean are known to help develop brain functions.

  11. As far as possible, avoid eating too much carbohydrate while you are undergoing pregnancy.

  12. Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

  13. Avoid consuming high amounts of caffeinated beverages while you are pregnant. Control your sugar intake during pregnancy

  14. Breastfeeding is possibly the best form of feeding that provides disease fighting components and brain boosting ingredients.

  15. Eat organically grown food to avoid pesticide and insecticide residues of commercial foods.

  16. Reading bedtime stories and singing lullabies are known to boost brain growth. It will also help your child develop an emotional bond with you.

  17. Never, ever provide lead-rich playthings and toys as lead can seriously impair brain growth functions. Ensure that you are buying lead-free and toxic paint-free toys for your children.

  18. Encourage your children to eat plenty of vegetables, proteins and good carbohydrates. Make breakfast a mandatory activity. Give them full and complete meal consisting of eggs, fish, green vegetables, good oils and recommended nutritional supplements.

  19. Control intake of caffeinated and nicotine rich beverages like coffee and tea. Instead, promote nutritional drinks rich in cocoa and natural fruit extracts.

  20. Create conducive and growth oriented ambience in your home. Helpful environment will not only cajole your children learn a number of learning techniques; it will also enhance brain development at a quicker pace.

  21. Daily exercise, aerobics, sports will help your child boost oxygen supply to the blood and brain which eventually result in brain development. Physically active children are agile and intelligent.

  22. Give your kids lessons in piano, guitar and violin; music helps your children develop higher IQs. Mozart and Beethoven can really help increase IQ values.

  23. Make your children join dance classes as they promote muscle and brain activities.

  24. Play creative games with your children. Teach them how to play games that focus on thinking and evaluation side of the brain.

  25. Control TV time as uncontrolled TV can hinder your child's ability to concentrate and focus on studies.

  26. Repetition helps your children master academic studies. To master any type of technique, your child may need to repeat the process many times over and develop his or her brain power to achieve the best in life.

  27. Pretending type of games and playtime can help your develop intellectually, especially if your child is between ages 1 and 3. It also helps children remember and recall events with least hassles.

  28. It is possible to break out the games so that every set of games that your child plays will have an impact on brain development. Introduce games that deal with math, spelling, grammar, memorization and logic.

Brain development and IQ enhancement are possible with active participation from both the parents and children. But, remember that there is a limit to what you can achieve with your child. Be methodic and apply standard procedures of IQ enhancement to develop your child.


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