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Homeschooling Options for Gifted Students

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My daughter is 11 years old (6th grade) and her public school can't meet her needs anymore. She has scored 141 three times taking the Terra Nova Inview Test as part of the gifted program at her school skipped 2nd grade and then skipped another grade in just Math and then placed in the advanced level for that as well. She still finds all school subjects to be 'boring' and not challenging at all.

1. Is there somewhere (organization, reputable company) to turn to purchase a curriculum for her as I think I am faced with homeschooling with hired subject tutors.

2. Is there a specific IQ test that can be administered to tell us where (actual grade level) she is at intellectually? (so that I can buy a curriculum at her level).

A: I'm afraid I may not be of much help here but I will attempt to.

At middle school, I would think that a more rigorous structure would be required. You would need to find out from other homeschooling parents on the most suitable curriculum for your daughter. She would need to learn at her pace, which is highly advanced. Project work would be an interesting option. Keep in mind that her learning will be in depth and breadth rather than breadth alone as in most mainstream curriculum.

It is best to gradually increase the level of difficulty in any of the selected curriculum based on her needs rather than buying one for a certain grade. If you are homeschooling, you have that flexibility. If she is more advanced in Math, she should be doing higher level Math. If her English is a few levels advanced, that level would be what she should be attempting.

All IQ tests will give an objective score and not grade. However, you may be able to convert the score into an appropriate grade level with the conversion table in the following link:

However, this is rather old and just an approximate. Children may have uneven abilities so the best way is to gauge your child's ability using task with gradually increased levels of difficulty.

Do a search over the internet and homeschooling community. Parents in these support groups are very helpful and you may be able to explore much more options for your child. The following is an interesting site to be connected with other homeschooling parents.

Hope that helps to shed some light. All the best!


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