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Admission Into A Gifted Education Programme

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My son 1st grade, was tested with KBIT2 test and he scored composite IQ 129. Know he is scheduled for a formal (physiological) test. What that means? Is he already accepted in the gifted program? Thanks.

A: Gifted schools and programs vary on their admission requirements. Programmes using the KBIT generally expect a score between 125 - 130. A score of 130 and above is the upper extreme. There is a possibility that he is being considered into the programme.

Depending on the school requirement, perhaps further testing is required to determine his admission. You would need to find out from the school about their requirements for the programme. Nevertheless, your son has scored in the “well above average” range, just a point shy from the “upper extreme” range.

If the school is very strict with their criteria for admission, and if you strongly feel that he would benefit from a gifted programme, you could always present a case with evidence of his suitability in such a programme. Good luck!


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